The question of catering is one that will eventually arise when you are having a get-together, conference, or party in your company. A corporate event is never complete without a good caterer. A corporate catering service is responsible for providing food and beverages to companies for everyday meals or special events.

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How to Choose the Best Corporate Catering Service

If you would like to hire the best corporate catering service, here are some of the things that you need to look for:

1. Ability to Understand Your Needs

Different organizations will have different needs and expectations with regards to the catering. One company might require around the clock service while another might need a caterer to serve just one meal of the day. The caterer you choose should be attentive to your need for dessert catering and should be ready to take additional care to model their catering services based on the changes that you suggest.

2. Menu Flexibility

Industry or corporate events are usually attended by people from all walks of life who may have unique preferences and restrictions with regards to food and drink. A good host is one that ensures that all guests feel included in the event. A caterer should thus be able to adjust the menu if a particular cuisine is needed. Certain events such as sushi platters, barbeque nights, etc. follow a certain theme that the caterer should be capable of accommodating.

3 Experience

The issue of previous catering experience is one that should be raised with the caterer before you hire them. You need to find out whether the caterer has experience catering for a company of your size. It can also be helpful if the caterer has experience working in your location. It will help things run more smoothly if the caterer is aware of the lobbies, staircases, and private areas where the event is being held.

4. Ability to Accommodate Last-Minute Changes

When organizing a large-scale event such as a gathering for the whole company or a conference, numerous things can fail to go according to plan. Guests might exceed the decided number, guest speakers might take more time than allotted, and there might be special seating needed to name a few. The catering service should be capable of adjusting to these last-minute changes accordingly.

5. Menu Tasting

Menu tasting is a no-brainer when hiring a corporate catering service. You must never hire an office caterer to supply food for your event before you have had the opportunity to taste it yourself beforehand. The best corporate caterer is one that gives you a tasting menu before the day of the event. Check what are offering. Doing this allows you to review the taste of the food as well as its presentation.

6. Cost

It is critical to have a thorough discussion about what the catering company charges for its services and how to negotiate it according to your budget. There could be numerous hidden charges and costs that may resurface once you have already signed on the caterer. Discuss the cost of labor, taxes, cost per head, delivery charges, rental prices, and other miscellaneous fees.

7. Staff

The service of a catering company, which includes the staff is just as important as the food and drink provided. The team should be professional and courteous. They should also have relevant training to work in a high-pressure environment where all guests have to be served within a particular time-frame. You should also inquire about the dressing of the staff. They should all have a professional look when they help at your event.

Final Thoughts
Finding and hiring the best corporate catering service is not an easy task. You should not be lazy with your research and do proper background checks on the service before hiring them. You should also take into consideration the 7 points discussed here.

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